Urban landscapes

From the ideal cities of the Renaissance to satellite images of our contemporary cities, the urban landscape continues to be a shared subject by visual arts, humanities and metaphysics.

A "beautiful view" of the city questions the perception of urban environment. The magma of buildings, streets, bridges, highways, parks, monuments, lighting, appears as a jagged layered crust grafted onto the surface of the earth.
These views are plunging an entry into the jungle of everyday city life.
This territory where nature can no longer help us, where paradise is lost and forever substituted. The city concentrates social pressure, a place where the worst and the best are present and gathered together. Visions where vertigo seizes us up, by its radical veracity and magical realism, which actualizes our subjacent memory images.

Painting landscape, reflecting the world around us, is to paint what can be seen, what is and what is not. Capture the emotion of being there, in front and inside the spectacle of the world.

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