Ovoo Original Design - Miami Florida

International waters

4 December 2018 - 27 January 2019

Paintings of skies, seas, and oceans around the world reflecting the earth’s everchanging fluid matter.

Horizons as the sole divider between air and water, primal elements with varied densities of a single chemical make-up, a pairing of male and female archetypes giving birth to all creatures. A fusion of fertile complementary forms of life becoming one whole.
The sequences of movements in the images combine intense beauty with hidden threats of natural catastrophe or the unleashing of human fury.
Sites where currents of animal species have drifted ever since life has existed on the planet. Human beings with no check to their movements but storms or shipwrecks.
Color and shape expand, forging new parameters for reality as international political conflict shifts national boundaries over surfaces that admit no walls.
Spaces that create an irrational desire for immersion.

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